Money Mind

Money Mind is a transformational money mindset training course for entrepreneurs and businesswomen.   In this program, we will a look at various methods to help you on this transformational journey such as: 
•    Strategies that will help you deal with the fear of changes so you can start taking actions to achieve your new goals.
•    How to use your thoughts to help you produce your results.  Your thoughts are powerful, and It is the starting point of change, either negatively or positively.  Choosing your thoughts is a choice and only with awareness can you change the type of thoughts that will propel you forward to start living a life of abundance.
•    Working on your mindset will help to identify any obstacles that are holding you back and help you to overcome them so you can live a life of happiness and freedom.
•    Strategies that will help you to manage your cashflow so you can build your wealth and help others who need a helping hand.

Join my Money Mind group and let me show you how to start changing your results.

The Money Mind group starts at the beginning of each month and meets bi-weekly for 3 months (6 times).  

Each session is 1 hour in length.